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We are very excited to finally announce our first ever Season of Workshops, Challenges, Festivals & Events. It's going to be an exciting year.

Having just recently come off troubling experiences on other film sets, Jay and I have decided to focus our efforts on creating safe spaces for young people to gather, collaborate, explore and create. We want everyone to feel like they are part of a family. To that end, we are offering Membership to Jarico Films for Youth absolutely free.


Membership grants access to our Members only area of the website where you can meet other creative people, collaborate and find work. Members will also receive exclusive deals on our workshops, and reduced entry fees to our Challenges, Festivals & Events. This is the perfect place to start your journey into the world of filmmaking from behind the scenes!


We are also excited to announced partnerships with Welland Centennial High and Notre Dame Catholic Schools in Welland, who have shown an incredible amount of support our way. We would also like to acknowledge the support of FirstOntario Credit Union, whose donation to our efforts has made this year even more possible.


Erica & Jay

Jarico Films for Youth

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Acting Mentor


Filmmaking Mentor


Acting Mentor


Filmmaking Mentor

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Create a captivating short film (under 10 mins) that tells a unique story and leaves the audience wanting more.

We want to see your best cliffhangers - intriguing plots, unexpected twists, and clever endings that leave the viewers wondering what happens next. Show us your creative skills and get ready to wow us with your cliffhanger masterpiece!



Character: Best Friend

Prop: Hammer

Line: Open the door

Genre: ACTION + 1 Genre of Your Choice (ie. Action/Comedy, Action/Thriller)

Deadline: TBD



Films for Youth Film Festival
& Member Showcase

Jarico Films for Youth Film Festival is an international event that celebrates the creativity and talent of young filmmakers under the age of 30. The festival will feature screenings of short films from around the world and showcase projects developed by our Films for Youth Members. These projects include screenings of music videos and actors’ scene studies, as well as live table readings of our Member screenplays. The festival is dedicated to providing a platform to recognize and appreciate the work of our young filmmakers and actors. Join us for a weekend of inspiring films, dynamic performances, and an opportunity to support the next generation of filmmakers.

The festival will run in Fall 2023.

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Stay tuned for more event announcements throughout the year.

We are excited to start planning more events for the year. Fundraisers and networking events, field trips to a Special Effects Studios and Live Film Sets, we will be offering some amazing opportunities for youth to engage in the world of filmmaking this year. Opportunities will be posted in the member's section of our website, so JOIN NOW.

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