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with Matthew Aubin


In this interactive session participants will learn how motorized jibs revolutionize camera movements in film and television production.Throughout the workshop, attendees will explore their versatility and creative potential through live demonstrations and engaging discussions. From smooth panning shots to dramatic sweeps and spins, participants will witness firsthand how jibs add depth, drama, and visual impact to storytelling on screen. Led by Niagara's only experienced industry professional, this workshop will provide valuable insights into new realms of camera movement and the technical aspects of operating jibs safely and effectively. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, gain practical knowledge, and even get hands-on experience operating the equipment themselves! ABOUT MATTHEW Hi there! I'm Matt Aubin and I am Niagara's only JimmyJib owner/operator. I am from Niagara Falls and graduated from broadcasting at Niagara College in 2019. From there I ran a TV station for Royal Caribbean until 2020. After that I settled back home and bought my first jib. That is now the centre of my business and regularly takes me to many sporting events, world tournaments, concerts, and film/TV sets throughout Ontario and Quebec.

  • FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre