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Films for Youth on set of another Paradigm Studios production.



To provide youth with a safe, inclusive and supportive environment that officers a variety of opportunities to learn the art and business of filmmaking.


A world where young people can tell their stories in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Jarico Films for Youth is a not-for-profit Film Production company that provides professional learning opportunities for youth to explore their love of filmmaking and acting in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment.

Jarico Films for Youth provides training in all aspects of filmmaking and media arts. From Acting for the screen to music video workshops, Jarico Films for Youth offers practical knowledge to young filmmakers and actors at any stage of their career.


Jarico Films for Youth’s small class sizes provide each participant with an opportunity for hands-on learning. Filmmakers wanting to learn cinematography get their hands on camera and lighting equipment. Students taking our screenwriting classes get personalized feedback from industry professionals.


Jarico Films for Youth’s workshops exist to give that crucial kick to participants who want to create, learn, plan, make, edit, and distribute their own films or find work within the film industry.

DO YOU ...


- want to make movies?
- want to see yourself on the big screen?
- want to share your stories with the world?

- Under 30 years of age?

- Looking for a safe place to explore filmmaking or acting?
- Not sure what you're interested in yet, don't know where to start?