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FrameUp Cinema Clinic

Unlock Your School's Filmmaking Potential with our 2HR In-School filmmaking clinic.


Unlock Your School's Filmmaking Potential with this exciting two-hour workshop designed to empower both students and teachers to harness the full potential of their filmmaking equipment. Led by experienced filmmaking mentors, this hands-on workshop will provide participants with practical skills and creative insights to enhance their filmmaking capabilities. What You'll Learn: Lighting: Learn how to maximize the use of available lighting, including natural light and school resources, to create captivating scenes. Creative Location Scouting: Discover how to utilize your school environment to find the perfect settings for your scenes, emphasizing composition and framing techniques. Storytelling with Constraints: Unleash your creativity by crafting compelling stories tailored to your equipment, location, and limitations. Camera Techniques: Master the art of selecting optimal camera settings and lens choices to achieve a cinematic look with your equipment. Efficient Color Correction: Gain valuable insights into post-production techniques for enhancing your footage and achieving professional-grade results. How We Teach: Our workshop emphasizes hands-on learning and interactive demonstrations. Participants will have the opportunity to directly engage with their own equipment, receiving personalized guidance from our expert mentors. Our approachable teaching style ensures that everyone can learn and have fun in the process. By the end of the workshop, participants will: Gain a deeper understanding of their filmmaking equipment's capabilities and limitations. Develop essential skills in lighting, composition, storytelling, and post-production. Feel inspired and empowered to create high-quality films using the resources available to them. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to unlock your school's filmmaking potential! Whether you're a student eager to explore the world of filmmaking or a teacher looking to enhance your classroom curriculum, Lights, Camera, Action! is the perfect workshop for you. Get ready to unleash your creativity and bring your cinematic visions to life!

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