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with Actor Erica Sherwood from Jarico Films for Youth


NOTE: YOU MUST SIGN UP AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF THE CLASS YOU WANT TO TAKE. (ie. if you want to take the JULY 6 class, you must register before JUNE 29. If you want to take the JULY 13 class, you must register before JULY 6) With numerous acting methods and hundreds of coaches, workshops, and schools worldwide, there is no single right way to learn acting. As individuals, we each learn differently and retain specific tips, tricks, and techniques throughout our careers. We try different things and see what fits best for us. You decide what works for you. This class is designed to help you play and exercise your creative muscle with like-minded actors. You'll learn how to take notes from the director and add techniques and lessons to your unique toolkit. Let this be your dojo—a safe place to be imperfect and experiment without judgment. Performers of all ages are welcome: In the film industry, you'll work alongside people of various ages, fostering diverse relationships and experiences. Let’s put that into practice.

  • Rose City Comedy Collective